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Sunday, January 3, 2016

I originally saw this on Mackenzie Horan's blog and loved the idea, but never thought I'd be able to pull it off. I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. At the very least, this list will allow me to set goals and create things I'd like to do and stay accountable for as many of them as possible. And why not start it on New Years?! I encourage you all to do it with me!

{0 COMPLETE, 101 TO GO!} 

1. Try tennis.
2. Try golf.
3. Run a color run.
4. Don't drink or eat out for an entire week.
5. Try a barre, kickboxing, pilates, spin, and yoga class (2/5).
6. No soda for a month. (Feb. 2016)
7. Drink 8 glasses of water every day for 2 weeks.
8. No sugar for a week.
9. Go to the gym every day for a week.

SCHOOL {0/7}
10. Find somewhere to volunteer regularly.
11. Find a part-time job.
12. Network within my major and keep a list of contacts.
13. Make a habit of going to office hours.
14. Sit in the front of every class on the first day of every class and continue to do so.
15. Join a Sorority, PRSSA, and other clubs I'm interested in.
16. Plan out and decorate my dorm room.

17. Read 30 books for "fun" that aren't assigned for school (0/30).
18. Go to three concerts (1/3) (Jan. 2016 at Jammin' Java with Caitlin).
19. Unplug completely for 24 hours (no internet, iPhone, television).
20. Donate blood.
21. Become fluent in Spanish.
22. Create business cards.
23. Read/watch the news every morning for a month.
24. Go one month without clothes shopping.
25. Throw out old makeup, buy new makeup. (Feb. 2016)
26. Go parasailing.
27. Go skydiving.
28. Ride on an ATV.
29. Ride on a jet ski.
30. Ride on a Vespa.
31. Watch the sun rise and set on the same day.
32. Take a cooking class.
33. Get my teeth whitened or whiten my teeth.
34. Take a pottery or art class.
35. See a drive-in movie.
36. Buy my own matching, durable luggage.
37. Invest in a classic purse.
38. Get a facial.
39. Get a massage.
40. Watch 10 "classic" films, even if some of them are repeats (0/10).
41. Watch 5 Audrey Hepburn movies (0/5).
42. Ride a horse.
43. Go glamping.
44. Get my hair and makeup professionally done for an event.
45. Reread the Harry Potter series.
46. Try 10 Pinterest recipes (2/10, Southwestern Salad in a Jar, Valentine's Day Bark).
47. Dress up and go to high tea.
48. Vote in a presidential election.
49. Vote in a non-presidential/local election.
50. Completely clean out, refresh, and inventory my wardrobe with an app.
51. Contribute to a major online or print magazine, media, etc.
52. Go to a conference.
53. Attend fashion week.
54. Get an at-home gel kit and learn how to do my own nails.
55. Invest in a super-comfortable pair of nude and black flats and nude and black pumps.
56. See a movie by myself.
57. Give something up for lent and stick to it.
58. Try coffee and tea.
59. Try at least 10 new foods (0/10).
60. Start a new Pandora bracelet for the next "chapter" of my life.
61. Learn how to french braid.
62. Learn how to curl my hair, and how to curl it with a straightener.
63. Get my nails painted something other than french when I go to the nail salon.
64. Learn a few basic french terms and phrases.
65. Go makeup free for a week. (Florida during Christmas, Dec. 2015)
66. Learn how to (successfully) make poached eggs.

67. Collaborate with a brand I like/do a sponsored post.
68. Do a collaboration post with a blogger similar to myself.
69. Create a blog series with a min. 5 posts.
70. Save for and purchase a nice camera.
71. Take a photography class.
72. Post content once a week consistently for 2 months.
73. Move the blog over to my own URL (purchase so it isn't dot blogspot anymore).
74. Start using Google Ad-sense when my blog is eligible.
75. Do something completely original.
76. Guest write a blog post for someone else's blog.

77. Mail care packaging to each of my best friends in college.
78. Mail notes to at least 2 old teachers (0/2).
79. Send flowers to my mom and Nanna randomly.
80. Send my dad a letter just because.
81. Throw someone a surprise party.
82. Give 5 "just because" gifts (0/5).
83. Send notes/little gifts to the babies.
84. Create a set of "open when..." envelopes for someone.
85. Send birthday cards to family and friends instead of just texting them.

TRAVEL {0/14}
86. Visit all of my best friends in college.
87. Plan a long weekend getaway somewhere new with my mom.
88. Visit 3 new states (0/3).
89. Visit 10 new countries (0/10).
90. Plan and go on a trip to Europe with my best friend.
91. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower.
92. Go on a cruise with my friends.
93. Send myself a postcard from each place I visit.
94. Take 3 weekend trips (0/3).
95. Create a coffee table book for myself and Caitlin for the Europe trip.
96. Weekend in NYC with best friends.
97. Take a road trip.
98. Go on an old-fashioned picnic in a park.
99. Go to 3 college football games at friends' schools (0/3).

100. Finish this list and begin a new one.
101. Inspire someone else to create their own list.

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  1. These lists are always so fun to read, best of luck!
    xo, Syd